Affordable & Simple

Our 'Collaborative Advocacy'

process is designed to achieve your goals without the stress that usually comes with the process.

STEP 1. Document Review & Consultation. (FREE)

STEP 2. 'Collaborative Advocacy'. 

 (FREE or CAPPED at 1k)

STEP 3. Due Process.

 (FREE or CAPPED at 5k + COSTS)



   STEP ONE: Document Review and Consultation: 


   We review your child's current IEP and other relevant documents, discuss your concerns and options, and design a plan to meet your goals.

   STEP TWO: 'Collaborative Advocacy': 


          An advocate will help you follow the plan you created

when you consulted with us. We use 'Collaborative  Advocacy'.


   STEP THREE: Due Process: 

         If your goals could not be reached by advocacy alone, we may be able to file a case for you. While around 80 to 90% of cases settle, nothing is more important than writing a proper Complaint. Everything that happens in your case is based upon the Complaint. Getting it right is another time experience is the difference between failure and success. You will have access to a Client Portal where you can view videos on every aspect of your case and collaborate with your team.


         After the Complaint is filed, within 15 days, we participate in a Resolution Session and begin to prepare to present your case at a hearing. Sometimes there are motions to file and legal briefs. No one attorney can be an expert at every task in your case, so we train attorneys and assistants to be specialists in the performance of different tasks. Everyone we engage has their own expertise and continually focuses on improving those skills. We won't send someone who writes briefs to present your case at your hearing. This specialization is another way we abide by our belief that experience is the key to better results. 


Different situations may require different payment arrangements



 $3,500.00 (6 hours advocate, 3 hours

 Keith Peck)



 Keith Peck          $900.00 

 Associates          $250.00 to $500.00

 Of Counsel         $250.00 to $500.00

 Advocates          $125.00



 When we are involved in cases that seek 

 money damages, we can arrange to take a

 percentage of the award; 10 -45%.

'Collaborative Advocacy' can occur when the school and the parents of a child are both willing to address a student's needs in the way the law has established. However, it takes both parties to accomplish this goal. Often, the school is unwilling to allow the IEP team to function as it was meant and parents need to have a plan to address this failure before they head into the IEP meeting. 



Individualized Education Program (IEP)

Special Education Eligibility

Special Education & Related Services

Educational Placement

Individualized Transition Plan (ITP)

Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)

Section 504 Plan

Academic Accommodations

School Suspension and Expulsion

COSTS that may occur in your case: 

 If a case is started for you, your retainer agreement will specify all potential costs. 

 These may include:

  • Evaluations and/or expert witness testimony;

  • preparation of transcripts of audio;

  • travel costs; copy fees; risk of frivolous case costs;

  • communication charges from your phone or internet provider;

  • other incidental costs;

  • private educational and related services you choose to provide your child;

  • separate advocate services you privately engage;

  • a different fee arrangement if your case warrants such.

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